The Brand
It all began with the desire to fulfill his own design needs, innovative ideas and aesthetically pleasing, simple and sleek, yet with a subtle but obvious edge.

By using attention to detail and a lot of hand work, seamlessly fusing two separate frames together to create a frame within a frame. The inner frame is made from rich block material and the outer frame incorporates crystalline mono-colours creating a distinctive juxtaposition of contrasting shapes and materials, both pleasingly modern yet comfortably familiar. The inside frame is a classic and the outside is a little rock n roll.

Blake’s signature brand – a collection of frames that are unique, artful, understated quality, but very wearable.


He gained his degree and graduated from UC Berkeley School of Optometry in 1986, however, the path he chose was a detour from the one he started out on….

Kuwahara, displayed his interest in designing eyewear gaining international recognition for creating the exclusive KATA Eyewear brand in 1992, The ingenious use of engineering and production techniques creating detail and textures, revolutionised the way eyewear design is approached today.

Renowned as one of the most distinguished eyewear designers of today, Blake Kuwahara is the founder and creative director of FOCUS GROUP WEST, based in Los Angeles, it is a multi-faceted design company which takes an in-depth understanding to branding and designing for both eyewear and fashion companies. Blake launched his own exclusive eyewear range in 2014.

Blake Kuwahara Cobb spectacles in midnight
cobb midnight
Blake Kuwahara Isidore spectacles in Baltic
isidore baltic
Blake Kuwahara Ponti spectacles in Sandstone
ponti sandstone
Blake Kuwahara Bardi spectacles in Moss
bardi moss
Blake Kuwahara Nouvel spectacles in Riptide
nouvel riptide
Blake Kuwahara Conklin spectacles in Sable
conklin sable
Blake Kuwahara Le Vau spectacles in Oak
le vau oak
Blake Kuwahara Cutlery spectacles in Dusk
cutlery dusk
Blake Kuwahara Kuma spectacles in Peacock
kuma peacock
Blake Kuwahara Blore spectacles in Amber Horn
Blake Kuwahara Mayer spectacles in Slate Horn
meyer slate horn
Blake Kuwahara Kuma spectacles in Onyx
kuma onyx
Blake Kuwahara Quincy spectacles in Sangria
quincy sangria
Blake Kuwahara Eames Sunglasses in Syrah
eames syrah
Blake Kuwahara Conklin spectacles in Hunter
conklin hunter
Blake Kuwahara Nelson spectacles in Hunter
nelson ocean
Blake Kuwahara Pei spectacles in Gravel Horn
pei gravel horn
Blake Kuwahara Pei spectacles in Crystal
pei crystal
Blake Kuwahara Bigger Blore spectacles in Slate Horn
Bigger Blore Slate horn
Blake Kuwahara Gaudi spectacles in Blue Grass
Gaudi Blue grass
Blake Kuwahara Larrabee spectacles in Periwinkle
larrabee periwinkle
Stylist overview

We believe that no matter your prescription, there is an opportunity to create your desired pair of glasses. We carefully select the lenses we provide to ensure they’re of the highest quality in the industry and will be best matched to your requirements taking into consideration your lifestyle and visual needs, whilst also appearing aesthetically pleasing.

Visit our showroom in Southport today.  We are on Manchester Road and there is free customer parking right outside the door.

The frames we offer are handmade by some of the best designers around the world who believe we are all individuals and that our eyewear should be celebrated. Most of our frames are limited editions, all are unique, and some are even bespoke – because you are the designer!

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