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one brand, 7 styles
The Morel story is one of a family which has been creating eyewear for four generations. Each generation learned from the one that preceded it, adding its own entrepreneurial vision.
Morel works with its own collections, free from constraints and barriers. The company cherishes its freedom, which allows it to unleash creativity ingenuity when it creates new, exclusive designs.

The creativity of Morel is seen in the smallest detail. New collections are created in its own design center, where artistic directors, designers, and specialists in color, graphics, and prototyping work together as a team of experts who believe that no challenge is above them!

That is why the brand, ever a trailblazer, has surprised the market by using atypical and innovative materials and know-how: carbon, wood, and more recently, leather and 3D printing.

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The frames we offer are handmade by some of the best designers around the world who believe we are all individuals and that our eyewear should be celebrated. Most of our frames are limited editions, all are unique, and some are even bespoke – because you are the designer!

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