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A face is like a work of art, it deserves a great frame.

Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi design eyewear with sparks of imagination so we can benefit from the feeling of uniqueness that we all are. “We” complete these sparks and bring the dreams of l.a.Eyeworks to life.

Invigorating and often iconoclastic, the eyeglasses that are designed by Barbara and Gai stand proud and bold using fun shapes and imaginative materials, not to forget the fantastic colours they choose.

Uncensored visions since 1979.
l.a.Eyeworks frame designs go through many changes over the course of its fruition as part of the designer’s restless imagination. The end result is an expanding legacy of eyewear that perfectly balances innovation with wearability.

Although you will see l.a.Eyeworks frames on the faces of many celebrities, artists and athletes, the real intention of Barbara and Gai is for you to find a frame that conforms to no fashion sensibility other than your own.
Discover LaEyeworks Squirrel frame in captivating Mystery Mix with a playful Fuchsia Insert, blending sophistication and daring flair for a bold, unique style statement. The distinctive Mystery Mix hue adds mystery, while the vibrant Fuchsia Insert injects lively energy, elevating your look with fashion-forward design.
Squirrel in Mystery mix with fuchsia insert
LaEyeworks Trellis Spectacle Frame: Modern design, timeless elegance in a bold turquoise and gold Colour. Sophistication and versatile for any occasion. Precision-crafted for comfort and fashion-forward flair. Elevate your collection with Trellis in Colour Donatella.
Trellis in Donatella
Discover timeless sophistication in the LaEyeworks Blakey spectacle frame, featuring rich African Tortoise hues. Meticulously crafted, it seamlessly combines classic and contemporary styles. The warm, earthy tones enhance the frame's depth, creating a versatile accessory that complements any style. Elevate your look with the Blakey spectacle frame—a fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and enduring elegance.
Blakey in African Tortoise
laEyeworks Bouma spectacle frame in colour Cat Tail
bouma in Cat Tail
laEyeworks Ornette spectacle frame in colour Lazuli
Ornette in lazuli
laEyeworks Goodall spectacle frame in colour Barbados Blue
Goodall in Barbados Blue
laEyeworks Nyad spectacle frame in colour Bonfire with Brick Red Insert
Nyad in Bonfire with Brick Red Insert
laEyeworks Vincent spectacle frame in colour Poodle
Vincent in Poodle
laEyeworks Rambler spectacle frame in colour Kelpish with Deep Eggplant Insert
Rambler in Kelpish with Deep Eggplant insert
laEyeworks Bouma spectacle frame in colour Branch & Petal
Bouma in branch & petal
laEyeworks Wing Nut spectacle frame in colour Donatella
Wing Nut In donatella
laEyeworks Tallulah spectacle frame in colour Cicada
Tallulah in cicada
laEyeworks Sampan spectacle frame in colour Cicada
Sampan in cicada
laEyeworks Wing Nut spectacle frame in colour Fire
Wing Nut in fire
laEyeworks Trellis spectacle frame in colour Lazuli
Trellis in lazuli
laEyeworks Wren spectacle frame in colour Mulch
Wren in mulch
laEyeworks Sampan spectacle frame in colour Sardines
sampan in sardines
laEyeworks Nyad spectacle frame in colour Water Weave with Grape insert
nyad in water weave with grape insert

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The frames we offer are handmade by some of the best designers around the world who believe we are all individuals and that our eyewear should be celebrated. Most of our frames are limited editions, all are unique, and some are even bespoke – because you are the designer!

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