“French Eyewear Wizz” (Elle UK).  Launched his eponymous eyewear brand late 2006. Raised in a highly creative environment by a father who was an Optician and a mother who was a designer, he has elevated the status of sunglasses and managed to redesign them into a fashion accessory that is as essential as a nice clutch or a pair of stilettos.

As a VISIONARY, Thierry felt that craftsmanship and the renowned PARISIAN style mixed with groundbreaking designs would win over any women or man in search of honoring their strong self-identity. This idea is revolutionary in a fashion world obsessed with branding.

Each design features CLEAR LINES, GEOMETRICAL SHAPES AND SURPRISING COLOR. There are no outside logos, the brands name is hidden from the eye, discreetly engraved inside the temples. The design itself should be the signature of each style.

The Thierry Lasry customer is CONFIDENT has a distinctive style and likes a sophisticated shade of ELEGANCE.

Thierry Lasry juggles with the Y’s at the end of each style name, “SEXXXY, ORGASMY, WAVVVY, GAMBLY etc.” as it is the letter found in both of the designer’s first and last names, and he considers each of his designs to be one of his « babies » … so choose to spice up the names of his creations with a touch of provocation.

The worlds greatest celebrities have been wearing different styles throughout the years from the collection including BEYONCE, RIHANNA, MADONNA, KATE MOSS, JENNIFER LOPEZ, NICOLE KIDMAN, USHER, TRAVIS SCOTT, OFFSET, FUTURE, RUSSEL WESTBROOKE, PJ TUCKER, and many others.

the french eyewear whizz

Theirry Lasry Dystopy Frame in colour 011
Dystopy 011
Theirry Lasry Sketchy frame in colour 073
Sketchy 073
Theirry Lasry Gently frame in colour 101
Gently 101
Theirry Lasry Distopy frame in colour 072
Distopy 072
Theirry Lasry Jungly frame in colour 1083
Jungly 1083
Theirry Lasry Empiry frame in colour 00
Empiry 00
Theirry Lasry Loyalty frame in colour 011
loyalty 011
Theirry Lasry Melancoly frame in colour 258
Melancoly 258
Theirry Lasry Bowery frame in colour 170
bowery 170
Theirry Lasry Vanity frame in colour 3493
Vanity 3493
Theirry Lasry Rhevision frame in colour 668
Rhevision 668
Theirry Lasry Unicorny frame in colour 1703
unicorny 1703
Theirry Lasry Mastermindy frame in colour 000
Mastermindy 000
Theirry Lasry Sexxxy Frame in colour 900
sexxxy 900
Theirry Lasry Robbery frame in colour 779
Robbery 779
Theirry Lasry Distopy frame in colour 014
Distopy 014
Theirry Lasry Rhevision frame in colour 542
rhevision 542
Theirry Lasry Jungly frame in colour 069
Jungly 069
Theirry Lasry Demony frame in colour 596
Demony 596
Theirry Lasry Rhodeo frame in colour V022
Rhodeo V022
Theirry Lasry Nemsy frame in colour 2247
Nemsy 2247
Stylist overview

We believe that no matter your prescription, there is an opportunity to create your desired pair of glasses. We carefully select the lenses we provide to ensure they’re of the highest quality in the industry and will be best matched to your requirements taking into consideration your lifestyle and visual needs, whilst also appearing aesthetically pleasing.

Visit our showroom in Southport today.  We are on Manchester Road and there is free customer parking right outside the door.

The frames we offer are handmade by some of the best designers around the world who believe we are all individuals and that our eyewear should be celebrated. Most of our frames are limited editions, all are unique, and some are even bespoke – because you are the designer!

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